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TF State Customization

By default, terraform state will be stored in the .terraform directory wherever you run cnc. Usually this would be your project root.

This is not optimal for a few reasons: - If you lost the directory, you'd lose the state, and possibly lose track of cloud resources - You cannot share the state with other members of your project with this configuration or run the provision step from CI/CD (you can always run build or deploy but variables that reference state will not resolve properly)

If you want to change the state location, it's easy to use any state backend, just like plain terraform.

Customizing the state backend

As with other provision customizations, you add this to environments.yml:

  # from root, where do we look for custom templates?
  template_directory: custom

Put this in in the provision folder in the template_directory.

{% extends "" %}

{% block state %}
terraform {
  backend "s3" {
    bucket  = "my-tf-state-bucket"
{% endblock %}