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Customizing deploy for your app

Let's say that you want to run some additional commands before or after the included deploy functions for each service. This enables you to do things like configure integrations or other systems to be ready to work with your new service. You could also replace the deployment logic entirely.

environment.yml custom templates config

Add this to environments.yml:

  # from root, where do we look for custom templates?
  template_directory: custom

custom template creation

Let's say you want to add a command to run after your docker build and push steps included in the default.

Add into the deploy folder in the directory you set as the template_directoy in your project.

{% extends "" %}

{% block build_commands %}
# this is a jinja function that calls the block you're inheriting from
# you can leave this out if you don't want to default resources for this block
{{ super() }}
echo "hello {{ }}"
{% endblock %}

You could also replace the build entirely and use alternative builders like depot if you wanted to.

block options

This is the default with the available blocks.

{% extends "" %}

{# All Available Blocks #}

{# before deploy #}
{# {% block install_commands %} #}
{# {% endblock install_commands %} #}

{# deploy body #}
{# {% block build_commands %} #}
{# {% endblock %} #}

{# post deploy #}
{# {% block finally_build_commands %} #}
{# {% endblock %} #}

Test your changes

Run cnc deploy perform --debug and see your new commands in action!